Netsmartz provides these tips to help protect children from sexting

*Before buying your child a cell phone, set rules for its use, including what sort of information and images are appropriate to share via text. *Know what safeguards are available on your child's phone, such as turning off and/or blocking texting and picture features. *Talk to your child about the possible social, academic, and legal consequences of sexting. They could face humiliation, lose educational opportunities, and get in trouble with the law. *Encourage your child to not be a bystander or an instigator. If he or she receives a sext, discuss why it is important that he or she not forward the image to anyone else. *Remind your child that they can talk to you if they receive a nude picture on their cell phone. *Talk to your child's school about its policies on cell phones, cyberbullying, and sexting. *Report any nude or semi-nude images that your child receives to law enforcement or contact

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