,This page will have information about the current RFP. All questions and answers will be posted to this page.

At north forrest high school – the fiber going from tech 1A building to Junior High IDF current run – does the district have a preference on how the new run to the High School MDF is ran? As long as it is underground I don't care which direction it goes.

For the AP drops- do we need to replace patch panels ? or use existing? Use existing.

I wanted to touch base and ask for clarification about the high school tech building.  I have in my notes about boring that fiber run. Did we ever come to a decision on that building? There is an existing line going from the tech building to the Junior High building but you don't necessarily have to use that. Whichever way you want to go as long as it is underground.

Due to numerous reasons we will not be making a purchase from the bids that we received this year. We will bid again next ERATE season. Thank you to all companies that participated and I look forward to working with you again in the future.